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CF185MI-7 CFAIR 185 CFM 7 Bar Mobile Diesel Air Compressor Engineered for Middle East Conditions

Tailored for Middle East climates, the CFAIR 185 CFM portable air compressor, equipped with an ISUZU diesel engine, ensures peak performance in up to 50 degrees Celsius. Its robust design and effective coolant system make it an ideal solution for demanding conditions, providing reliable compressed air across diverse industrial applications in the region.

Features of CF185MI-7 CFAIR 185 CFM 7 Bar Mobile Diesel Air Compressor Engineered for Middle East Conditions

– Increase engine power and obtain greater output power

– Reduce fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions

– Reduce NOx, HC, and CO exhaust pollutants, completely eliminate black smoke, and meet higher emission regulation                

– the product is designed to be shorter in length and higher in height.

Our portable air compressor China models provide you with:

Long Runtimes – With improved fuel efficiency for up to 10 hours of runtime, there’s no need to stop midday to refuel. 

Famous Air End – At the heart of the diesel powered air compressor for sale is an air end supported by German technology, continuing the tradition of reliable durability. The design method of our compressor head is processed using a high-precision CNC center. At the same time, we use advanced three-dimensional coordinate system to conduct quality inspection on product.

An Easy Controller – Our controller, which is on the curbside to help keep the operator safe, quickly and easily understands the status of compressor, day in and day out.

Noise Reduction: Certain models may incorporate sound attenuation technology, such as QuieTech, to minimize noise levels during operation.

Noise Control

• Super silent full load noise levels from as low as 64 dB(A) at 7 m.

• Low engine and air end speed design is intrinsically quieter.

• Steel body panels lined with sound absorbent material.

• Computer aided sound path analysis and attenuation design.

Environmental Protection

• Low fuel consumption ensures a reduced carbon footprint.

• Low exhaust emissions cause minimal harm to the atmosphere.

• Low noise levels protect ambient conditions and workers’ hearing.

• Almost 100% recyclable at end of service life to save the earth’s precious resources.

Specs of CF185MI-7 CFAIR 185 CFM 7 Bar Mobile Diesel Air Compressor Engineered for Middle East Conditions

Air End Type
Rotary Twin Screw, Single stage
Air Outlets
3/4'' x 3
Free Air DeliveryCFM (mm³/min)185 (5.2)
Working Pressurebar (psi)7 (101.5)
Engine Model
China Stage II
Engine Type
4 cylinder, Direct-injection, Turbocharged
L X W X Hmm3375*1610*1600

Note: Please feel free to contact us if any more customized requirements!

Application of CF185MI-7 CFAIR 185 CFM 7 Bar Mobile Diesel Air Compressor Engineered for Middle East Conditions

The CFAIR 185 CFM portable air compressor, featuring a robust ISUZU diesel engine, is expertly designed for the challenging conditions of Middle East countries. With its ability to operate efficiently in up to 50 degrees Celsius and a reliable coolant system, it stands as an ideal solution for a range of applications in the region. Specifically tailored for general construction tasks such as road maintenance, bridges, tunnels, concrete pumps, and shotcrete, this compressor excels in providing on-site compressed air. Additionally, its adaptability makes it well-suited for ground engineering drilling, including basement and foundation excavation for various structures. The CFAIR 185 CFM portable air compressor by CFAIR diesel air compressor factory emerges as a dependable and versatile tool for demanding construction and engineering projects in the Middle East.

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