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Air Compressor FAQ

You can find the answer to many frequently asked questions regarding CFAIR air compressors, If you don't find what you need call us at +86-15224036711 or contact your local CFAIR dealer, For more customized solutions, please feel free to email us info@caifuair.com.


  • Q
    Which air delivery CFAIR can supply?

    CFAIR can supply air delivery from 50CFM to 1600CFM @7-30bar. More information, please contact us to get catalogue for checking specifications.

  • Q
    Which model of compressor do I need?

    Selecting the right model of a diesel air compressor depends on your specific requirements and the intended application. Here are some considerations to help you choose the appropriate diesel air compressor:

    1. Air Requirements:

    Determine the amount of compressed air required for your application. This is a critical factor in choosing the compressor size.

    2. Pressure Requirements:

    Consider the pressure requirements of your tools or application. Diesel air compressors are available in various pressure ranges, and it's important to choose one that meets or exceeds your needs.

    3. Portable vs. Stationary:

    Decide whether you need a portable unit for on-the-go applications or a stationary unit for a fixed location. Portable diesel air compressors are often mounted on trailers for easy transportation.

    4. Engine Power:

    Diesel air compressors are powered by diesel engines. Choose an engine with sufficient power to meet the demands of your application.


  • Q
    Can I get free Form-E or Certificate of Origin?

    Yes sure, CFAIR document team will provide copy or original FORM-E and Certificate of Origin to you before shipment arriving, and draw this depending on your requirements.

  • Q
    Which support can I get for pre-sales and after-sales service?

    CFAIR team will always treat customers first and attach importance to customer service.

    1. Pre-sales Support:

    Product Information: Detailed information about the specifications, features, and capabilities of the diesel air compressor models.

    Application Assistance: Guidance on choosing the right model based on your specific application requirements.

    Technical Support: Assistance with technical queries related to the product.

    2. After-sales Support:

    Installation Assistance: Guidance on installing and setting up the diesel air compressor.

    Training: Training programs for operators and maintenance personnel.

    Maintenance Support: Information on routine maintenance schedules and procedures.

    Warranty Services: Coverage and support for warranty-related issues.

    Replacement Parts: Availability and supply of genuine replacement parts.

    Technical Support: Ongoing technical assistance for troubleshooting and issue resolution.

    Service Contracts: Optional service contracts for regular maintenance and extended support.

    3. Customer Service:

    A responsive customer service team to address inquiries and concerns.

    Contact information for reaching customer support.


  • Q
    What is the standard warranty on compressors?

    The warranty period for CFAIR air compressor is 1year or 1500hours from the receipt of goods. If there are questions for spare parts within warranty, we will send new one by air for free. If there are some technology problems, we can remotely guide remotely or open video to solve the problem, will also come to the scene to solve by our engineers if customers can not solve.

  • Q
    How do I get an extended warranty?

    Order CFAIR original spare parts can extend the warranty to 3years or 4500hours.


  • Q
    Where I can find the spare parts catalogue?

    Contact with CFAIR team and get the parts catalogue you need.

  • Q
    Which parts I should replace when maintenance?

    Contact with CFAIR team to clarify clear maintenance regulations for you.


  • Q
    How do I know my order went through?

    The CFAIR team will keep you updating about production, shipment and so on. 

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