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Mobile Engine Driven Oil Free Air Compressor 900 CFM

Oil-free diesel compressors play a crucial role in the oil and gas industry for tasks such as pipeline maintenance, wellhead operations, and offshore platform maintenance. We offer industrial solutions for the oil and gas industry that perform reliably under unfavorable environmental conditions. Get in touch with the experts at CFAIR today to learn more.

Features of CFOF900MK-10.3 900CFM OIL FREE Diesel Driven Portable Compressor For Offshore Oil Field

  • 100% Oil-free 

  • Airflow rated at 900 CFM @10.3 bar

  • Emergency shutdown switch

  • Spark arrestor

  • Over speed shutdown system

  • Battery isolator switch

  • After cooler

  • Extra fuel connector

  • Efficient diesel-powered engine with EPA T4F / EV Stage V emission standard are available

  • Forklift pockets standard for ease of transport

  • Lift bail provides fixed point for overhead lifting


  • Spillage free frame 

  • Fire Suppression System 

  • Anti-static belts

  • Rig-safe version 

Specs of CFOF900MK-10.3 900CFM OIL FREE Diesel Driven Portable Compressor For Offshore Oil Field

Air End Type
Rotary Twin Screw, Oil-Free
Air Outlets
2'' x 2
Free Air DeliveryCFM (mm3/min)900 (25.35)
Working Pressurebar (psi)8.8 (127.6)
Engine Model
Engine Type
6 cylinder, Direct-injection
L X W X Hmm4200*2200*2440

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Application of CFOF900MK-10.3 900CFM OIL FREE Diesel Driven Portable Compressor For Offshore Oil Field

Well tests are primary sources of critical data used in determining whether extraction is possible in formations at a rate that provides a reasonable return on investment. With the help of offshore air compressors, test data extracted from well testing is used to determine the limits of a given reservoir to aid in planning the most efficient methods of producing wells and fields. These tests are conducted throughout various stages of the life of gas and oil wells.

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