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185 Diesel Air Compressor-ISUZU Turbocharged CF185MI-10

Mode CF185MI-10 from CFAIR is a trailer mounted portable air compressor. This 185 towable air compressor is powered by ISUZU turbocharged engine. CF185MI-10 can offer free air delivery 5.2 m³/min, 185 CFM, and 10 Bar pressure.

  • Model: CF185MI-10

  • Pull behind compressor

  • Air delivery: 5.2 m³/min | 185 CFM

  • Pressure: 10 Bar | 145 PSI

  • Compressor diesel engine: ISUZU TURBO-CHARGED

Features of 185 Diesel Air Compressor-ISUZU Turbocharged CF185MI-10

Famous Air End – At the heart of the compressors is a GHH air end, continuing the tradition of reliable durability.

Our portable air compressors offer:

Extended Runtimes – Enhanced fuel efficiency enables continuous operation for up to 10 hours, eliminating the need for midday refueling. Sullair portable diesel air compressors are primed to tackle a full day of work alongside you.

Easy Maneuverability  –  Our compressors are engineered with a compact design, ensuring effortless maneuverability whether at the job site or on the back of a truck.

An easy Controller  – Our controller, which is on the curbside to help keep the operator safe, quickly and easily understand the status of your compressor. compressor, day in and day out.

Easy Maintenance: Quick access air connections and large gullwing doors provide easy access for maintenance and servicing.

Some models may have interior storage compartments for storing tools and accessories.  

Benefits of utilizing a turbocharger:

1) Enhances engine power, resulting in higher overall output capacity.

2) Decreases fuel consumption, leading to reduced CO2 emissions.

3)Diminishes NOx, HC, and CO exhaust pollutants, effectively eliminating black smoke, and ensures compliance with stricter emission regulations.

Noise Management:

1)Inherently quieter design due to low engine and air end speeds.

2) Steel body panels equipped with sound-absorbing materials.

3)Utilization of computer-aided analysis for sound path and attenuation design.

Environmental Conservation:

1) Reduced fuel consumption contributes to a smaller carbon footprint.

2) Minimal exhaust emissions help preserve atmospheric quality.

3)Quieter operation safeguards ambient conditions and preserves workers' hearing.

4)Nearly 100% recyclable at the end of its service life, conserving the Earth's valuable resources.

Diesel Engine:

• The selection of engine match for each compressor model is meticulously done to ensure optimum performance and reliability while keeping fuel consumption to a minimum.

• Our engines boast low fuel consumption and excel in both exhaust and noise emission levels, positioning them as leaders in their class.

• Our engines feature a two-stage fuel filtration system, incorporating a water sedimenter and a high-capacity pleated filter element.

Spec of 185 Diesel Air Compressor-ISUZU Turbocharged CF185MI-10

Air End Type
Rotary Twin Screw, Single stage
Air Outlets
3/4'' x 2 + 1-1/4'' x 1
Free Air DeliveryCFM (mm³/min)185 (5.2)
Working Pressurebar (psi)10 (145.0)
Engine Model
China Stage II
Engine Type
4 cylinder, Direct-injection, Turbocharged
L X W X Hmm3375*1610*1600

Note: Please feel free to contact us if any more customized requirements!

Application of 185 Diesel Air Compressor-ISUZU Turbocharged CF185MI-10

Truck mounted 185 cfm air compressor, CF185MI-10 is perfect for industrial painting, sandblasting, and pipeline testing.

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