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CF100BY-7 CFAIR 100CFM Mining Screw Diesel Air Compressor

The CF100BY-7 is a box-type air compressor featuring a YANMAR engine, known for its reliability and efficiency. Compliant with EV/EPA 4F emissions standards, it aligns with environmental regulations.

Features of CF100BY-7 CFAIR 100CFM Mining Screw Diesel Air Compressor

Reliable Air Compressors:  CFAIR air compressors are crafted using cutting-edge 100 CFM diesel air compressor technology, guaranteeing exceptional reliability. They reliably fulfill consumers' reliability needs. The superior construction of these air compressors guarantees prolonged service longevity, serving as an exemplary means to safeguard the interests of our valued customers.

Efficient Air Compressors: CFAIR air compressors integrate state-of-the-art technology, featuring exceptionally efficient 100 CFM diesel air compressors that satisfy customers' stringent demands for efficiency. These air compressors boast an impressive efficiency rating of up to 90 percent, effectively conserving energy and reducing operational expenses.

Operator Interface: The panel operation is straightforward and convenient, offering an intuitive and user-friendly experience.

Inspection and Maintenance: Each machine undergoes meticulous inspection by a team of professional engineers before leaving the factory. We prioritize proven manufacturing techniques, conduct thorough loading tests prior to shipment, and provide exceptional after-sales service.

Comply with regulations: Diesel engines that meet Euro V/EPA 4F standards are the choice to comply with local regulations and standards, which is crucial to meeting environmental protection requirements and obtaining relevant licenses and certifications.

Control System

• Integrated starting unloader control to facilitate initial engine warm-up.

• Automatic control from zero to 100% capacity via engine speed regulation and modulation of compressor inlet valve.

• Shutdown protection for vital parameters such as engine oil pressure, engine coolant temperature, and compressor discharge air temperature.

Noise Control

• Operates at whisper-quiet levels, with full load noise levels reaching as low as 64 dB(A) at a distance of 7 meters.

• Engine and air end engineered for decreased speed, inherently reducing noise.

• Steel body panels equipped with integrated sound-absorbing materials.

• Utilization of advanced computer-assisted analysis for sound path and noise reduction design.

High efficiency: It adopts Euro V emission standards and has advanced combustion technology and emission control systems to ensure high-efficiency operation of the engine and reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Environmental protection and energy saving: It complies with Euro V emission standards, adopts advanced combustion control technology and energy-saving design, reduces tail gas emissions, reduces environmental pollution, and meets modern environmental protection requirements.

Diesel Engine

• Each compressor model's engine selection is meticulously calibrated to guarantee peak performance and reliability while minimizing fuel consumption.

• Key attributes include best-in-class fuel efficiency, as well as low exhaust and noise emissions.

• An automatic fuel priming and air bleeding system negates the need to open injector lines when the compressor exhausts its fuel.

• Dual-stage fuel filtration is achieved through a combination of a water sediment separator and a high-capacity pleated filter element.

Specs of CF100BY-7 CFAIR 100CFM Mining Screw Diesel Air Compressor

Air End Type
Rotary Twin Screw, Single stage
Air Outlets
3/4'' x 2
Free Air DeliveryCFM (mm³/min)100 (2.8)
Working Pressurebar (psi)7 (101.5)
Engine Model
EU Stage V / EPA T4F
Engine Type
4 cylinder, Direct-injection
L X W X Hmm1880*915*1220

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Application of CF100BY-7 CFAIR 100CFM Mining Screw Diesel Air Compressor

The 100 CFM, 7-bar CFAIR diesel powered air compressor proves invaluable in diverse industrial applications. Its compact and efficient design, powered by a reliable Yanmar diesel engine, makes it ideal for construction sites, powering pneumatic tools like drills and impact wrenches. Additionally, its versatility find purpose in remote locations, providing compressed air for various tasks. Whether in manufacturing processes, mining operations, or emergency services, capabilities of air compressor for sale diesel make it a versatile and essential tool, ensuring reliable and efficient compressed air supply across a spectrum of applications.

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