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CF100BY-7 CFAIR 100CFM Mining Screw Diesel Air Compressor

The CF100BY-7 is a box-type air compressor featuring a YANMAR engine, known for its reliability and efficiency. Compliant with EV/EPA 4F emissions standards, it aligns with environmental regulations.

Features of CF100BY-7 CFAIR 100CFM Mining Screw Diesel Air Compressor

This CFAIR 100CFMcompressor, equipped with advanced emission control technology, delivers high-performance compressed air while minimizing its ecological footprint. The box-type design enhances portability and protection, making it suitable for diverse applications across construction, mining, and various industrial sectors. The integration of a reputable YANMAR engine and adherence to stringent emission standards underscore its commitment to both performance and environmental responsibility.

Specs of CF100BY-7 CFAIR 100CFM Mining Screw Diesel Air Compressor

Air End Type
Rotary Twin Screw, Single stage
Air Outlets
3/4'' x 2
Free Air DeliveryCFM (mm³/min)100 (2.8)
Working Pressurebar (psi)7 (101.5)
Engine Model
EU Stage V / EPA T4F
Engine Type
4 cylinder, Direct-injection
L X W X Hmm1880*915*1220

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Application of CF100BY-7 CFAIR 100CFM Mining Screw Diesel Air Compressor

The 100 CFM, 7-bar CFAIR diesel air compressor proves invaluable in diverse industrial applications. Its compact and efficient design, powered by a reliable Yanmar diesel engine, makes it ideal for construction sites, powering pneumatic tools like drills and impact wrenches. Additionally, its versatility find purpose in remote locations, providing compressed air for various tasks. Whether in manufacturing processes, mining operations, or emergency services, this compressor's capabilities make it a versatile and essential tool, ensuring reliable and efficient compressed air supply across a spectrum of applications.

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