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CF185BI-7 CFAIR 185 CFM 7 Bar Box Air Compressor

CFAIR 185 cfm diesel compressor is a transportable, diesel powered, industrial air compressor. Rated at 185CFM air flow at 7 bar pressure. Equipped with ISUZU engine, easy to repurchase spare parts.

Features of CF185BI-7 CFAIR 185 CFM 7 Bar Box Air Compressor

Reliable and efficient Air End: Famous German technology machine air head.The excellent air compressor head design is highly reliable and can maintain stable performance over long periods of operation, reducing downtime and production interruptions.

Cooler: Using high quality aluminum material, alternating expression cooler fins, ensure the perfect radiating effect

Oil Filter: Famous filters ensure longer working life and save the maintenance time and cost.

Air Filter: Two-stage dust removal and filtering system with effciency of up to 99.9% even in heavy-duty environment.

Easy Maneuverability  –  Compressors feature a compact design for easier maneuverability – whether on the jobsite or behind a truck.

An easy Controller  – Our controller, which is on the curbside to help keep the operator safe,Quickly and easily understand the status of your diesel powered air compressor for sale. compressor, day in and day out.

Precision control: Advanced air compressor heads by diesel air compressor factory may be equipped with precision control systems, which can achieve precise monitoring and adjustment of pressure, temperature and other parameters to ensure the stability and controllability of the production process.

Disel Engine

1)High efficiency: ISUZU diesel engine uses supercharging technology to improve combustion efficiency by compressing air, thereby providing higher power output and better fuel economy.

2)Reliability: ISUZU is a reputable engine manufacturer whose engines are known for their exceptional reliability. Supercharged diesel engines are engineered and tested for exceptional durability and stability, delivering reliable performance in a variety of operating conditions.

3)Energy Saving and Environmental Protection: Supercharged diesel engines generally provide higher combustion efficiency, thereby reducing fuel consumption and emissions. This helps reduce operating costs and comply with modern environmental standards and regulations.

4)Power output: Supercharging technology can improve the power output of diesel engines, allowing them to maintain high torque output under high loads and low speeds, making it suitable for various industrial and commercial applications.

Specs of CF185BI-7 CFAIR 185 CFM 7 Bar Box Air Compressor

Air End Type
Rotary Twin Screw, Single stage
Air Outlets
3/4'' x 3
Free Air DeliveryCFM (mm³/min)185 (5.2)
Working Pressurebar (psi)7 (101.5)
Engine Model
China Stage II
Engine Type
4 cylinder, Direct-injection
L X W X Hmm2100*980*1100

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Application of CF185BI-7 CFAIR 185 CFM 7 Bar Box Air Compressor

CFAIR 185cfm diesel compressor is well applicated in sandblasting,road construction, and concrete breaking. You could dustless blast or "dusty blast" just about whatever as long as the blasting equipment can handle the CFM.

  • Building trades requiring the use of pneumatic tools

  • Construction contractors for demolition, cleaning, air hoists, rock drilling, pile driving, foundation drilling, concrete pouring or pool deck resurfacing

  • Utility contractors for clay and trench diggers, cable blowers and pipeline cleaning and testing

  • Agricultural companies for irrigation blowout or combine cleaning

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