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Why Do We Recommend After Cooler Air Compressors For Sandblasting?


As the main power source of pneumatic equipment, air compressor for sand blaster realizes high-pressure airless spraying through the pump body. Its key role is to provide stable and high-quality compressed air. The difference lies in whether there is an aftercooler in the air compressor system and its impact on sandblasting.

Sandblasting involves advancing abrasive materials at high speeds to clean, smooth, or roughen surfaces. When using a diesel powered air compressor that includes an aftercooler assembly, the compressed air produced is cooled to reduce its temperature before being used in sandblasting applications.

Without an aftercooler, the compressed air produced by an air compressor can contain significant amounts of moisture, which can lead to problems such as water droplets in the abrasive stream, reduced abrasive media efficiency, and potential surface contamination. Additionally, a lack of cooling may cause air temperatures to rise, resulting in operator discomfort or safety hazards.

In contrast, after cooler air compressors cool the compressed air to effectively remove moisture and ensure that the spray air is dry and clean. This improves blasting performance, reduces abrasive consumption, improves surface finish quality and extends equipment life.

Ultimately, the presence of aftercoolers in air compressor systems significantly increases the efficiency and effectiveness of sandblasting operations to ensure uniform, bubble-free, perfect spray results. The system achieves optimal spray performance by delivering water-free, impurity-free air, ensuring that the surface smoothness and overall finish of the object are not affected and that strict quality standards are met.


CFAIR is proud to introduce its breakthrough innovation, CFAIR 390cfm @10.5bar. The CF390MKC-10.5 air compressor for sandblasting features superior 390CFM air flow and 10.5 bar operating pressure. It is worth noting that the air compressor set’s low fuel consumption is due to its high-quality diesel engine, powered by an efficient Cummins engine.The air compressor speed is 2200 rpm at full load and 1350 rpm at idle. The lower engine speed extends its overall service life.


This innovative diesel air compressor uses advanced technology incorporated into its aftercooler function and is praised for its superior efficiency and performance. This compressor is more than just a machine; This is a testament to cutting-edge engineering.

For more information, please feel free to contact us at www.caifuair.com or email info@caifuair.com. Our dedicated CFAIR 24/7 service line is ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Enhance your compressed air experience with CFAIR - where innovation meets reliability.

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