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what size air compressor for spray painting?


Choosing the right air compressor for spray painting can be overwhelming, especially if this is your first time purchasing an air compressor.

The CFM (cubic feet per minute) rating of a general air compressor for paint spraying may vary depending on factors such as the type of air compressor paint gun used, the size of the project and the quality of the finish required. In different areas, the CFM requirements for air compressors can vary greatly depending on the specific application and tasks performed.

Therefore, when choosing an diesel air compressor, we must determine the specific areas we need to use it

Different fields and tasks will affect our choice of air compressors, so when purchasing air compressors, we generally purchase air compressors with a slightly higher CFM to ensure the controllability of each project task.

As far as shipyard painting is concerned, our brand CFAIR's 390CFM@10.5bar diesel screw air compressor is located on site and this type of 185 cfm diesel air compressor for sale can complete the hull painting task with high efficiency and precision.

The diesel powered air compressor can continuously provide high-pressure air, which is one of the necessary equipment when painting. These compressors trap compressed air between helical screws or rotors.

Screw compressors do not have any mechanical force or valves, which allows these compressors to operate at high speeds. Our screw compressors produce less noise, provide higher air pressure and last longer.

The CF390MK-10.5 portable diesel air compressor features superior 390CFM air flow and 10.5 bar operating pressure. It is worth noting that the air compressor set’s low fuel consumption is due to its high-quality diesel engine, powered by an efficient Cummins engine. The air compressor speed is 2200 rpm at full load and 1350 rpm at idle. The lower engine speed extends its overall service life.

Overall, choosing the right air compressor is crucial to ensure optimal performance and efficiency for the intended task.

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