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Towable Diesel Air Compressor with Aftercooler



Some business or individuals are still bothered by frequent maintenance of pneumatic tools, the corrosion of internal components during the short use and the short lifespan of pneumatic tools.


So choosing a reliable diesel engine air compressor for sale or use is crucial. To mitigate these issues, we may need to implement additional measures, such as using external aftercooler function to cool compressed air before it reaches the pneumatic tools.  


Now I’m excited to share with you that CFAIR has developed a new type diesel powered air compressor with aftercooler function model from 100CFM to 1150CFM all available. Box type and towable air compressor are for sale. They both powered by ISUZU engine or CUMMINS engine.

The inclusion of an aftercooler function is an advantage, as it helps reduce the temperature of the compressed air. Cooler air can have benefits such as improved efficiency and reduced moisture content, which is crucial in preventing damage to pneumatic tools and equipment.


During the construction sites, 130CFM towable compressors from CFAIR, the model CF130MCI-7 diesel air compressor is a perfect selection for construction projects of powering pneumatic tools such as jackhammers, drills, and impact wrenches. It will be more efficient for the operators to finish the tasks like pavement breaking and asphalt paving more efficiently. And it’s an efficient way to get the maintenance easily and save cost.

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