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CF535MK-10.5 Towable Air Compressor Cummins-Driven 500 CFM, 10 Bar Diesel Screw Compressor

Our towable 535 CFM, 10 Bar diesel compressor, CF535MK-10.5, is fueled by a robust Cummins engine. This portable diesel air compressor is engineered to provide a steady and high-pressure flow of compressed air, making it an ideal solution for on-the-go industrial applications.

  • Model: CF535MK-10.5

  • Pull behind compressor

  • Air delivery: 14.9 m³/min | 535 CFM

  • Pressure: 10.5 Bar | 152.5 PSI

  • Compressor diesel engine: CUMMINS

Features of CF535MK-10.5 Towable Air Compressor Cummins-Driven 500 CFM, 10 Bar Diesel Screw Compressor

1)Exceptional Power and Reliability: Benefiting from advanced technology and rugged construction, the Cummins engine exemplifies high-performance capability, ensuring unparalleled power and dependability even in the most challenging environments.

2)Advanced Screw Element Technology:

(1)Utilizes Original GHH air end

(2)Features an advanced SAP profile design

Constructed with specialty steel sourced from America for the rotors

(3)Equipped with superior element bearings from SKF in Sweden

3)Excellent Accessibility Optimum Serviceability:

With its large enclosure doors, this unit offers superb accessibility to components, making maintenance remarkably easy. This enables swift and efficient service and maintenance tasks, ensuring peak efficiency and continuous availability of compressed air.

4)Protective Air Filtration:  The generously sized heavy-duty intake filters safeguard the motor and air end from harsh dust environments, extending the lifespan of the engine and compressor. Maintenance indicators ensure timely filter replacements, optimizing performance and longevity. With an optimized design and separate air filters, reliability and service life are significantly improved. Changing the filters onsite is quick and simple, as needed.

5)Intuitive Control Systems for Reliable Operation: By continuously monitoring operational parameters, our intuitive control systems guarantee dependable performance.

6)Low noise:Their enhanced safety features and very low noise levels make them the perfect choice for any jobsite.

7)Optimized Cooling System

(1) A large-diameter, low-speed fan facilitates ample airflow, ensuring minimal noise and excellent cooling performance.                                

(2) The efficient cooling system is engineered for operation in ambient temperatures of up to 52°C. Non-welded connections between the oil cooler and engine radiator prevent thermal stress damage, significantly extending service life. The surplus heat is reduced by 30%, with a cooling temperature difference of roughly 8°C, show casing superior heat exchange efficiency.

8)Exclusive pneumatic control system:Developed by CFAIR, this system automatically adjusts the engine rotation speed based on the required air delivery. Highly dependable, it guarantees significant fuel consumption savings.

9)Advanced fuel injection technology: This engine is outfitted with state-of-the-art fuel injection technology, ensuring precise and efficient fuel delivery. This translates to enhanced performance and improved fuel efficiency.

Specs of CF535MK-10.5 Towable Air Compressor Cummins-Driven 500 CFM, 10 Bar Diesel Screw Compressor

Air End Type
Rotary Twin Screw, Single stage
Air Outlets
3/4'' x 3 + 2'' x 1
Free Air DeliveryCFM (mm³/min)535 (15.1)
Working Pressurebar (psi)10.5 (152.3)
Engine Model
China Stage II
Engine Type
6 cylinder, Direct-injection
L X W X Hmm4590*2025*2000

Note: Please feel free to contact us if any more customized requirements!

Application of CF535MK-10.5 Towable Air Compressor Cummins-Driven 500 CFM, 10 Bar Diesel Screw Compressor

Perfect for construction sites, mining operations, and oil and gas projects, CFAIR model CF535MK-10.5 towable Cummins-powered compressor is designed to power heavy-duty pneumatic tools, drilling operations, and various industrial processes requiring high-pressure air. Its portability makes it well-suited for applications in remote locations, and scenarios where mobility is a key requirement.

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