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CF400BK-7 400CFM Industrial Equipment CFAIR Screw Air Compressor With Low Noise

The 400 CFM, 7-bar air compressor, equipped with a robust CUMMINS engine, stands as a stalwart in industrial applications. Compliant with EPA 4F emissions standards, it prioritizes environmental responsibility, ensuring reduced pollutants during operation.

Features of CF400BK-7 400CFM Industrial Equipment CFAIR Screw Air Compressor With Low Noise

The CFAIR box type design, a hallmark of durability and efficiency, encapsulates the compressor, making it resilient in various working conditions. With an impressive flow rate and substantial pressure capacity, this air compressor for sale diesel proves indispensable for tasks demanding high volumes of compressed air. Whether in construction or manufacturing, its reliable performance, emission control, and compact design make it a versatile and valuable tool.

Reliable and efficient Air End: Featuring renowned German technology in machine air head design, our air compressors boast exceptional reliability, ensuring stable performance even during prolonged operation. This minimizes downtime and interruptions in production.

Cooler:Crafted from premium aluminum material with alternating fin patterns, guaranteeing optimal heat dissipation for superior cooling efficiency.

Oil Filter: Famous filters ensure longer working lifeand save the maintenance time and cost.

Air Filter: Two-stage dust removal andfiltering system witheffciency of up to 99 9% evenin heavy-duty environment.

Easy Maneuverability  –  The compressors are designed with a compact form factor to enhance maneuverability, whether on the job site or when being transported behind a truck. 

An Easy Controller  – Our controller, which is on the curbside to help keep the operator safe, quickly and easily understand the status of your compressor.

compressor, day in and day out.

Environmental protection: Compliance with the Euro V/EPA 4F standard means that the engine's emissions meet strict environmental protection requirements and reduce pollution to the environment.

High efficiency and energy saving: Through optimized design and advanced technology, Yamaha diesel engines achieve higher combustion efficiency and lower fuel consumption, improve energy utilization and save costs.

Precision control:   Advanced air compressor heads may be equipped with precision control systems, which can achieve precise monitoring and adjustment of pressure, temperature and other parameters to ensure the stability and controllability of the production process.

1)High efficiency: CUMMINS diesel engine uses supercharging technology to improve combustion efficiency by compressing air, thereby providing higher power output and better fuel economy.

2)Reliability: CUMMINS is a reputable engine manufacturer whose engines are known for their exceptional reliability. Supercharged diesel engines are engineered and tested for exceptional durability and stability, delivering reliable performance in a variety of operating conditions.

3)Energy Saving and Environmental Protection: Supercharged diesel engines generally provide higher combustion efficiency, thereby reducing fuel consumption and emissions. This helps reduce operating costs and comply with modern environmental standards and regulations.

4)Power output: Supercharging technology can improve the power output of diesel engines, allowing them to maintain high torque output under high loads and low speeds, making it suitable for various industrial and commercial applications.

Specs of CF400BK-7 400CFM Industrial Equipment CFAIR Screw Air Compressor With Low Noise

Air End Type
Rotary Twin Screw, Single stage
Air Outlets
3/4'' x 3 + 2'' x 1
Free Air DeliveryCFM (mm³/min)400 (11.3)
Working Pressurebar (psi)7 (101.5)
Engine Model
EU Stage V / EPA T4F
Engine Type
4 cylinder, Direct-injection, Turbocharged
L X W X Hmm2657*1355*1466

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Application of CF400BK-7 400CFM Industrial Equipment CFAIR Screw Air Compressor With Low Noise

The CFAIR diesel 400 CFM box-type air compressor, powered by a CUMMINS engine, provides a compelling alternative for construction, ground work, or blasting applications where power sources may be limited. Its box-type design allows for outdoor positioning, making it suitable for environments where diesel machines typically operate. This feature enhances its versatility and convenience, especially in scenarios where a reliable source of compressed air is crucial. The CFAIR diesel 400 CFM air compressor with a CUMMINS engine thus stands out as a robust solution for construction sites and industrial applications, offering flexibility and performance in locations where power availability may be a challenge.

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CFAIR recommends some popular products on the market based on customers' actual applications and offers customization services according to specific customer requirements. Simultaneously, CFAIR is committed to customizing machinery based on customers' specific needs. Whether customers require solutions tailored to special environments, specific flow rates, or customized pressure requirements, CFAIR provides personalized customization services, ensuring that products perfectly meet the practical engineering and application needs of customers. Through flexible customization options, CFAIR offers customers a broader range of choices to meet the requirements of different industries and application fields.

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