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CFAIR Celebrate the 2024 New Spring Festival Vacation in the Year of the Dragon


As the Year of the Dragon approaches, CFAIR ,the diesel air compressor factory is delighted to announce its New Spring Festival vacation, spanning from February 7th to February 16th, 2024. The factory will be closed during this period to allow our dedicated team to partake in the festivities, reconnect with loved ones, and usher in the Lunar New Year with joy and enthusiasm.

Here,homes and businesses will undergo thorough cleaning before the New Year, symbolizing the removal of bad luck and the welcoming of good fortune.We’ll decorate our houses with red lanterns, banners, and scrolls, as the color red signifies luck and happiness.

CFAIR employees will go back for enjoy the family reunion dinners.It’s New Year's Eve, we’ll gather for a sumptuous dinner, emphasizing togetherness and sharing blessings for the coming year.

As Elders will prepare red envelopes containing money to younger family members as a gesture of goodwill, prosperity, and blessing.We will set off fireworks and firecrackers to scare away evil spirits and bring good fortune.

CFAIR wishes all our partners, clients, and friends a joyful and prosperous Year of the Dragon 2024. We appreciate your understanding during our brief closure and look forward to resuming business operations on February 17th, 2024. May the dragon's spirit inspire success and prosperity for all in the coming year!

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