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CFAIR 190cfm air compressor in Dubai construction site

Diesel air compressors are essential on construction sites, used to power pneumatic tools and equipment, ensuring efficient and reliable operation even on complex construction sites. CFAIR 190CFM@7bar diesel air compressors are put into use in high-rise buildings in Dubai, and market feedback shows that they are excellent and reliable. Its high performance and stable compressed air satisfy customers.


The advantages of CFAIR 190M-7 are as follows,

Stable and efficient

The CFAIR 190cfm @7bar portable air compressor is a powerful air compressor that has been carefully manufactured to meet the needs of the global market, with a powerful air flow of 190 cubic feet per minute and a working pressure of 7 bar. It is powered by an ISUZU engine, which is a durable brand-name engine that provides reliable performance in harsh working environments. The head is manufactured using German technology. In addition, the excellent performance and long service life of CFAIR air compressors are factors that make them highly sought after in the industry.

Sustainable operation, economic benefits

The CF190M-7 not only has stable performance, but also runs very quietly due to its sound pressure level of 70 dB(A). Users can buy a high-quality silent air compressor at a reasonable price, which significantly reduces the total cost. The comprehensive maintenance concept guarantees planning reliability. The maintenance contract is initially valid for one year, but can be exchanged for 1,000 operating hours or an additional component for a full set of services. With this sustainable design principle, CFAIR ensures economic and ecological benefits. This is not only because it is quiet, low-energy and efficient, but also has a very high cost-effectiveness and a long service life.

About CFAIR Compressor

Hangzhou Kaifu Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. has more than 45 years of technical experience. The founder of the company is one of the market drivers. The R&D experience of more than 20,000 diesel screw air compressors has led and promoted the development of screw air compressors, providing efficient and reliable air compressor solutions for all walks of life.

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CFAIR recommends some popular products on the market based on customers' actual applications and offers customization services according to specific customer requirements. Simultaneously, CFAIR is committed to customizing machinery based on customers' specific needs. Whether customers require solutions tailored to special environments, specific flow rates, or customized pressure requirements, CFAIR provides personalized customization services, ensuring that products perfectly meet the practical engineering and application needs of customers. Through flexible customization options, CFAIR offers customers a broader range of choices to meet the requirements of different industries and application fields.

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